About Us

About the author of this website :

Teri Woods has been a Christian for 40 years. She was marvelously “Born again” by the Holy Spirit at the age of 16 from a life of drugs, alcohol and partying. She entered the full time ministry, the Agape Force, at age 17 and faithfully served in a leadership capacity for 13 years. When the ministry ended she raised her two boys, along with her husband Chris (married now for 37yrs), and went to college to receive a BA in Media Communication. She went on to establish and run a women’s ministry called AWARE (Armies of Women After Revival Everywhere) for 6 years, to train and equip women to preach and evangelize their communities for the Lord. Her lifelong course of study had been ‘Knowing Christ,’ ‘the Love of God,’ ‘Holiness,’ and the ‘Revivals of the First and Second Great Awakenings.’ She now resides in Washington State outside of Tacoma with her beloved husband Chris, four ponies, and a dog. She lives near her two boys families and she loves being the grandmother of 6 beautiful grandbabies.

About the Editor and inspiration of this website :

Chris Woods joined a full time evangelical ministry, the Agape Force, right after high school. He worked in the ministry in a team leadership capacity doing street preaching, witnessing, and counseling. After two years in this ministry he met Jeri, married her, and they have been happily married for 37 years. As a couple they continued on to lead teams in evangelism for 8 more years, until the ministry ended. He now works as a truck driver to financially support Jeri in her ‘lifetime’ calling from the Lord to the church.

Chris has been the whole inspiration for this website and work because it was his life of struggle with ‘trying to be a christian’, being a ‘professing christian’, and how He came to the light/truth of His true condition- a “professor and not a possessor” (of Christ’s indwelling) which prompted Jeri to deeply investigate how this could have happened! Up until 6 years ago, both Chris and Jeri thought Chris was a true christian but this error was dramatically revealed to them by the Lord.