Her ‘Stressful’ Experience of High Stakes Poker online Jessica Chastain Praises Salma Hayek

Final night, Jessica Chastain appeared gorgeous in Oscar sobre la Renta as the girl walked the red carpeting at the NYC elite sponsor ayamjuve judi poker online  of her newest movie, “Molly’s Game. ”

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway spoke along with Chastain, who has already been very vocal about the particular issue of sexual nuisance in Hollywood. She lately admitted she worried that will being outspoken would harm her career, but that will her girlfriends were presently there to help her conquer the fear. As with regard to what she told the girl friends, Jessica said, “‘I’m making my estimation known’… I said I was afraid I wouldn’t get hired anymore, that I was making myself unhireable by standing separate from the group, and the best girlfriends just tell you the only way to modify something that’s broken will be to change it out — a person can’t ignore it. ”

Earlier in the day time, Jessica retweeted Salma Hayek’s op-ed in theguardian news detailing the particular harassment she allegedly confronted from disgraced film genius Harvey Weinstein. Jessica left a comment, “That was so shifting, that op-ed she published, and it really will go to show its therefore important what is going on right right now with all these ladies coming forward and speaking about their stories and speaking about the walls that these people ayamjuve judi poker online faced in their business. ”

“What I got from that article is: Man, Salma Hayek, not only is she an incredible actress… but what a great producer she is. Reading all those hoops she was jumping through, how she obtained her movie made, ” Chastain emphasized. “I give thanks to goodness on her and I am so grateful she is usually in our industry. I really hope that what’s happening today will create lasting alter for more artists such as Salma Hayek to have got an opportunity to inform stories. ”

Weinstein’s spokeswoman Holly Baird denied Hayek’s allegations in a declaration, saying, “all of the particular sexual allegations as pictured by Salma are not really accurate and others who else witnessed the events possess a different account of exactly what transpired. ”

Jessica already earned a Golden Globe nomination for her role in “Molly’s Game, ” playing a world-class skier who began running celebrity-magnet high stakes poker games. She revealed, “I didn’t know the story until I read the script. ”

As for how she learned the ropes of high stakes gambling in real life, Jessica dished, “I met some guys that used to play in Molly’s poker game and they took me to a game. ”

The experience was “stressful” for Jessica, who added, “I get stressed out over a game of Monopoly, so to play a high stakes poker game with these guys was like a hundred, two hundred thousand-dollar buy within. It’s an excessive amount of. But is actually exciting to view. ”

View Jessica in “Molly’s Online game, ” in theaters Xmas Day.

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