Christianity More Than Just Religion

Then what is the difference between Christianity and other religions? Jesus has said that He is the way and the truth and life (John 14: 6). He is God Himself. Jesus is not the recipient of revelation. Jesus is not also the founder of religion. Jesus did not follow any revelation and doctrine. He himself is the God who reveals himself (the Word that has become flesh).

Jesus, He is God Himself. God who shows himself to man. No revelation is revealed, no recipient of revelation. Hence the four elements of religion above can not be applied in Christianity. Christianity is different from other religions. Christianity is more than a religion.

So what symbols can be used to describe Christianity? The symbol is LINE. There are only two points on the end, God and me. God Himself has spoken, and I listen to it. I was not blocked by the status. I do not need teachings, no need for religious and other founders. Because I can go directly to God.

So essentially, Christianity is more than just a religion. More than a set of rules and this. Christianity is a relationship with God. God loves me. I love God. That is all.

So then, Christianity does not need religious rules and teachings? Clearly necessary, but it’s no longer the ultimate goal. Because I love God, then I gladly do everything to please God. And everything that has been summed up in the teachings of religion. This is the purpose of the Great Law.

Jesus did not come to the world with a religious system. Jesus did not bring religion. Jesus came into the world to bring about a new concept of God’s relationship with man, like father and son, vine and branch, bride and groom, body and members, husband and wife, lord and servant, teacher and disciple. All of that talks about a close relationship.

This close relationship and relationship in Christianity guarantees that we can face God. Unlike other religions. Other religions can only lead to this rule alone, no more. Other religions can never lead to God.

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